Our supporters & people behind the scences

There are a number of people and businesses involved in this project offering support, promotion, encouragement and advice (many pro bono). We would like to take the time to acknowledge them. They are a varied bunch of local traders, community members and people they know.

By the Numbers Accounting

Ross Griffiths at By the Numbers Accounting, he’s a local business and an all round great supporter taking time out of his Easter break to do some research and provide us with advice pro bono.

Village Real Estate

Village Real Estate, we already knew they supported the community but they’ve gone beyond that providing advice and opening their contact book. Special mention to Suzanne who printed out posters for the Seddon store and visited other traders giving them posters. Thank you also to Anthony Watson.


After two weeks of looking for a property inspector  we were given the contact details of Paul Baker at Independent Property Inspectors. He agreed to do an inspection pro bono after being contacted by Suzanne at Village.


Our resident blogger and promoter Kenny at Consider the Sauce. Not only does he run the Dancing Dog Diary alongside his regular posts ,he’s at meetings, he runs around doing too many things to mention and he’s just a great bloke.


matthk one of our designers / advisers / thought leaders and another amazing bloke who has been at meetings, created posters, all the images on our facebook group and a million other things.

West Footscray Neighbourhood House

Sharee at West Foostcray Neighbourhood House – our guide through neighbourhood houses, NFP’s, writing model rules, setting up an incorporated association, advising us at meetings and keeping us positive and upbeat.

Mary NapierMarymc/life celebrant and… organiser, admin who has sprung into action polishing our posts, researching history, gathering information, responding to emails, proof reading everything and being that person you can lean on.

Katerina of Climate for Change the source of the idea. She encompasses the spirit that is our community and she wears many hats, NFP’s adviser, organiser / facilitator of meetings (often at her house) and the grunt behind project. With a crazy schedule already Katerina has been an amazing guide.

Hello Idea

Liana at helloidea, another of our designers who assited with posters, advice, many many contacts and ideas and posts and oh so much motivation.]

Craig & Maggie @ Colleen HartlandCraig and Colleen Hartland of the Greens thank you for printing our posters, flyers, postcards and for supporting the campaign.

Carmel Taig at Footscray Historical Society helped in her own time out with historical research, images and spreading the word via the FHS facebook page.

Beyond this list there are so many more that have helped…

Elena our architect and steady adviser who comes to meetings and makes us think our dreams are worth aiming for.

Adrian our urban designer and the person who researched and wrote our post on projects that inspire us. He enables us to put into words what we are trying to achieve and he continues to inform us on our approach to council and the community.

Michelle has been there since the first post, the first meeting, keeping us grounded, offering advice and opening her home for us to meet.

Alejandra another fine designer of postcards and posters who has joined our meetings with a beautiful spirit and a willingness to help.

Brian (& Lauren), where would we be without the story from 1989. It lit a spark and allowed us to see that dreams can become reality. He’s pitched in at meetings, speaking with contacts, writing his story, speaking with the media and getting his son Al-Flex You on board to produce our track.

Our muscians and poets, Initally NO and Viki Mealings at meetings, sharing, supporting and spreading the word.

Our word spreaders, thinkers and people who come to meetings and further the project each time, Doug, Kate, Wendy, Juanita, Katie, Jacqui, Eva, Dean and all the traders far and wide displaying our posters or sharing on their social media pages. Everyone in the community that continues to pledge, wishes us well, sends us messages, talks to us in the street and sends us their stories. Glenn at reachers Philanthrophy has spent a lot of time talking with people and council and offering advice.

Ben & everyone at the Dancing Dog for making us welcome, letting us speak with patrons, take photos & just hang out.

I could write forever and I know I will have missed someone BUT the story is not finished by any stretch, we’ve still got some more time and we will continue to spread the joy that this project has given us.

For me, Nikola, a relative newbie to the west I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone I’ve met and talked to in the last few weeks, I’ve made some new and special friends and I’ve been welcomed entirely. It certainly feels like home.

So thanks everyone, keep spreading the word!

P.S. special mention to Biggin & Scott for their support & not treating us like nutters and to the current owner of 42 Albert St who has never made us feel we are prying or meddling.


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